Static electricity is produced by contact, departure, friction and induction between objects. Static electricity is very harmful to medical electronic equipment. It is directly related to the safe operation of medical process. Medical equipment is a high-tech product integrating light, machine and electricity, which is directly used for testing various parameters and states of human body. Therefore, it is particularly important to protect medical equipment from static electricity.

The human body is generally equipped with 100V-200V static electricity, which is about 100V in wet and rainy days. In dry weather, the human body static electricity with the human body movement, friction, such as clothing, up to 1000 v, and a lot of medical equipment and avoid frequent contact with the human body, therefore, the medical engineering technicians to electrostatic protective equipment operation personnel basic knowledge education, make them fully realize the harm of static electricity, prevent due to poor instrument grounding, causing high electrostatic factors such as friction, at the same time for some expensive medical equipment often use some protective anti-static product, and make the electrostatic hazards to a minimum.